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Where To Install CCTV Cameras In Your Own Office?


As a business owner, it is our responsibility to protect and provide a safe and secure environment for your employees, clients, and your assets. Surveillance systems and CCTV cameras are great solutions to prevent unfortunate incidents and aid in investigations. These cameras can help to monitor, record, and save everything that goes in your office and provide you with a clear, precise image and sequence of the incident.

If you are looking into installing your CCTV cameras around your office, make sure to select the right areas to have your cameras set up. Here’s how you should pick the best areas to install your CCTV cameras for optimal viewing.

On static points, the camera should set-up close to the object, so that it can capture and identify anyone who gets near the object.

On wider locations, the purpose is to monitor activities, and install CCTV cameras in high and well-lit areas to capture wider angles.


Where to position and place your CCTV cameras:


1. Reception area or near the gates

The office reception area is a high-traffic location, and hence it is essential to monitor this area. It is also the first point of contact when an employee or visitor steps into your office. So, it is a good idea to install a CCTV at the entry and exit gates and main doors of your office. If there are any entry or exit gates in other areas such as the rooftop or basement be sure to have them covered as well.


2. In the working area

The working area is one of the important locations to install your CCTV cameras. We are not saying to install multiple cameras to record everyone’s movements of you if your employees. However, if you want to monitor your employee’s work ethics, then a CCTV camera may provide the best solution for that. It is ideal to choose a corner location as it can capture a wider angle and not violate the privacy of your employees.


3. In the warehouse/storeroom

Your warehouse is the room where you store your important equipment such as your data servers and inventory. Hence it can be a prime target for theft and other such crimes. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure your warehouse the CCTV cameras are installed and the warehouse is well-lit at all times to get clear footage and images. The presence of CCTV cameras can also act as a deterrent, for theft and fraud if it does take place, it would be easy for you to identify the culprit(s).


4. Areas of monetary transactions

Any place in the offices where money is frequently transacted should have surveillance cameras installed. These places include cash registers, teller stations for banks, and other monetary transactions in your office. Be sure to mount your cameras low enough to see a clear image of people’s faces even if they are wearing hats or hooded jackets.

In addition to these important locations, it is essential to install a robust and efficient CCTV system that includes multiple high-quality CCTV cameras that capture HD high-quality resolution, a data server, monitors, and a digital video recorder.

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